Breweries & Wineries

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BreweryBreweries and Distilleries have recently become part of York County’s business scene. Rock Hill’s Industrial Pretreatment Program (RHIPP) has started to develop a formal process for surveying, inspecting, and sampling these businesses as they become more prevalent in York County. A comprehensive Survey requesting production and process information will be made available to all Breweries and Distilleries that are connected to Rock Hill’s wastewater treatment system. Requested information will include any manuals or procedures that ensure the facility properly handles any areas of concern.

New Breweries and Distilleries that wish to locate in the City’s service area will be evaluated prior to connection to the system. Based on the results of the surveys, RHIPP staff will inspect these businesses to gather more information on processes and the wastewater being generated. In addition, sampling projects may be set up at these businesses to further characterize the wastewater. Based on data collected, RHIPP will determine if any areas of concern exist.

Brewery/Distillery Application