Preventing Sewer Backups

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Help Keep Those Lines Flowing!
The City of Rock Hill ensures reliable sewer service to more than 23,000+ customers by providing a well-maintained sewage collection and treatment system. The City routinely cleans its main sewer lines in order to prevent buildup which can cause sewer back ups. The City is responsible for main lines and the sewer tap connecting our line with the private household. Private property owners are responsible for the service line from the tap on the sewer main to the home or business.

Sewer Tips Flyer

Our customers can help keep both main and service lines freely flowing by following these important maintenance tips:

  • Never pour grease down drains or into waste disposals. The grease will turn into a hard solid that blocks lines and can result in a sewer back up; let grease cool down and dispose of it in trash.
  • Many foods, such as vegetables and vegetable skins, put in waste disposals have natural oils in them. Frequent use of a waste disposal can contribute to blockages in service and main lines.
  • Roots from trees can grow into sewer line joints and obstruct flow. If a customer’s service line is blocked by root growth, they must contact a licensed plumber to have the line cleaned from the house to the sewer main.
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