Convert Your Well

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Have you been thinking about changing from well water to more reliable water service? Depending on where you live in Rock Hill, you may be eligible to make this switch and save money. The City offers change-over from well water to City water. If you are considering this, consider the following information:

  • A City water line must be running by one of your property lines. The City can help determine if you qualify to hook up to City water.
  • Benefits include not having to worry about your well running dry or not having water when the power goes out. With City water service, you’ll enjoy an endless supply of high-quality water on tap.
  • The City will waive the tap fee that would normally apply when a customer hooks up to City water. This fee is used to offset the cost of tapping onto the City's main line and the charge of the new meter.
  • For customers who live outside the corporate city limits, a front footage fee may apply. Some residents outside the city may have to pay $20 per foot of water line based on the number of feet in front of their home. This charge is based on a maximum of 250 feet, or a maximum charge of $2,000 (no maximum for commercial). This charge allows the City to recover the costs of extending water service outside of the corporate limits.
  • The customer will incur the cost of a plumber to have their home connected to the City’s line. This will include running a service line from the meter to the home.

For more information about converting your existing well to City water, please contact the City’s Planning & Development Department at 803-329-7080.